The hajj ride: Cycling from London to Makkah

We open the “Role models” section of Asriyah Magazine with a subject that you may have already heard about over the past days, but we couldn’t miss the opportunity to put the light on this initiative. Positivity, courage, sports, a noble cause, team effort, coming from the Muslim community, we have all the ingredients to make it a really inspiring and motivating story.

It is not the first time Muslims ride from their home country to Makkah. But it has always been individual efforts and mostly from Eastern countries. The “Hajj Ride”, as they named it, gathers 8 cyclists coming from Whitechapel (East London) who engaged in a 6 weeks journey, through 8 different countries (England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Egypt and Saudi Arabia). They aim to reach Makkah and perform the pilgrimage after having completed a 3500 km ride.

Although they hope it will show the world one of the beauties of Islam, they don’t do it only for this purpose. There is a great cause behind this project as they take it as an opportunity to raise fund for Syria. Working with Human Aid UK, their goal is to raise £1 million to send ambulances and medical equipment to Syria and support Syrian hospitals. And beyond money, they simply want to raise awareness on Syrian population situation.

They left Whitechapel on July 14th and are currently in Egypt. You can see daily updates of their journey and fund raising on their website and social media accounts.

May God protect them, help them reach their goal and accept their Hajj.

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