Improve your sleep in 9 steps!

Sleeping early, long enough and having a restful sleep is essential for the body. However, the quality of our sleep is getting worst, mainly because of our modern lifestyle that disconnects us from our natural rhythm.

Sleeping disorders have many causes, it can be psychological, physiological or due to material constraints or all of those reasons at the same time. Some of us think to much, some have babies who won’t sleep, others work at night, each case is different, some will have to wait more than others, find individual solutions, but there is one thing in common for everyone: the quality of sleep is influenced by daylight, our activities during the day and our diet. So there are several simple tricks throughout the day that can help you improve the quality of your sleep. Fit Sister gives you the details in the infographics you will find below this article.

Those are basic recommendations, we don’t pretend it will erase all the causes of your sleeping disorders but this can help you significantly. It is also not exhaustive and we could have mentioned the supplements, herbal teas and other alternatives but we consider it is not a priority.

Regarding the sunnah, the references are numerous, and there is a lot more to do, but let’s start with the basics.

The goal is to try, everyday, to follow the 9 advises you will find in the infographics below:

  1. Morning light exposure
  2. Working out in the morning
  3. No more caffeine after 2 pm
  4. Having dinner as soon as possible after sunset, 8 pm at the latest
  5. Turning off screens 90 to 120 minutes before going to bed. Otherwise, it is also possible to download applications or order glasses that filter the blue light from the screens.
  6. Getting prepared early (hot shower, siwak, pajamas, etc.)
  7. Devoting time to calm and soothing activities at the end of the day, without screen.
  8. Prepare your room: moderate temperature, dusting the sheets, sleeping on the right side towards the Qiblah, making the ablutions before going to bed.
  9. Recite the verses and duas recommended in the sunnah.

Remember that « perfect » is the enemy of « good. » If you can’t do it all, be aware that the few changes you make will only be beneficial. But of course, don’t stay in your comfort zone.

Now that you understand the 9 stages that will help you improve the quality of your sleep and, as a result, the quality of your everyday life by God’s will, you can save the following pic to keep them in mind and share it with anyone it could help.


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