Fit Sister’s Healthy Kids Challenge

One of the most beautiful and beneficial present you could ever give to your kids is health. Unfortunately, we tend to focus on material and temporary goals and pleasures and forget that giving our kids healthy habits in terms of diet and lifestyle will help them on the long term in every part of their lives: physically, mentally, professionally and personally.

Some of us are not aware of it while some of us are, but it is not easy to take the decision to change things and to know where and how to start.

This is the reason why I launch the “Healthy Kids Challenge”. Because I get a lot of questions on social media about healthy eating for children, homeschooling, education, active lifestyle and I really feel that there is a need to help you realize how simple and easy it can be to provide your kids with the healthiest habits as possible.

The Healthy Kids Challenge is a 2 weeks online event, from Monday October 9th to Sunday October 22th. During those 14 days, I will provide you with a lot of healthy meal ideas and recipes, general health information, education tips and personal thoughs, on my Instagram account Fit Sister.

But you are not going to be passive, I want you to be committed and to take on the challenge, implementing 8 simple yet really important rules with your children :

  1. BIG NO NO to : sweets and candies, sodas or juices with added sugar, refined sugar, processed food, industrial cakes and cookies.
  2. At least one portion of vegetables each day.
  3. Let them cook with you a healthy recipe at least once a week.
  4. Make sure they have at least 5 active days during the week: either sports or playing outside a sufficient amount of time.
  5. Take them out in nature at least once or twice a week.
  6. Limitate the exposure to screens – television, smartphones, tablets and computer – from 0 to 30 minutes maximum on week days and turn off screens at least 90 minutes before bed time. This is an opportunity to encourage them reading real books.
  7. Spend quality and personal time with each of them.
  8. Improve their mindset by talking positive. Stop focusing on the mistakes and reward their accomplishments.

All those points will be explained throughout the challenge and I will provide you with lots of practical tips to reach those goals.

This might seem quite a lot for some of you at first sight but once you get started you will realize that you can definitely do it if you make it a priority. No matter how clean your kids already eat, how active they are, how busy you think you are.

And if you can’t do it all, do the most you can, it will still be a good start. No effort is meaningless, each step you make is useful.

I am looking forward to seeing you join the challenge. Please feel free to share your daily accomplishments and use the hashtag of the challenge #Health4KidsChallenge

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