No music nasheeds training playlist to get you motivated

I never use any sound (of any kind) while training people in groups. I don’t think it is more helpful than the motivation that comes from the trainer and the group itself. Moreover, when doing intense training, who cares? You don’t even remember you have ears to hear it when you’re struggling to complete your set of burpees, you’re just trying to survive.

But I know it’s not always easy to get motivated when training on your own and that’s when all the little details count. Buying a new pair of training shoes, feeling good in your outfit, or using some sound to help you keep going or push a little harder. Studies show the positive impact “music” can have on your performance and psychological state during training, especially when performing self-paced exercise.

If you would rather choose nasheeds like me, you have certainly already noticed that they are generally very low paced and that’s not the most motivating. So I though I would share with you my personal training playlist so that you don’t have to search for hours fast paced, no music, nasheeds. You have to be aware that anyway, even the more fast paced nasheed always seem to be slower than any other kind of music because the purpose is not the same. Lyrics are always more important as we are supposed to be reflecting on the meaning. So that’s not a DJ Fit Sister Remix let’s be clear. Just gathered some vocals only nasheeds that could help you dig deeper.

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