{Video} Camelicious farm and factory in Dubai

As a paleo blogger and suffering from dairy sensitivity, I have been interested in camel milk for a few years but I didn’t had the occasion to taste it.

Camel milk is, indeed, a good substitute for people who can’t do without milk but who are sensitive (and most people are sensitive to some extent without being even aware of it). Actually, even if you’re not sensitive to dairies, let’s face the truth, the majority of the milk we buy is not even real milk anymore unless it is fresh, organic and from pastured animals.

Dairy consumption is scientifically linked with many health issues: cardiovascular, skin (eczema, psoriasis, etc.), digestion, cancer, diabetes, respiratory system, immune system and, believe it or not, bone health.

And if goat milk can seem to be a better choice for some, its effects on health and allergies can be similar to cow’s milk in some cases.

So what’s the difference with camel milk? The composition.

Camel milk is low fat but has a good amount of omega3, high protein, rich in vitamins B, C and D and also iron. It also contains insulin and lyzozymes, it has much less A1 Casein than cow’s milk (A1 casein is proven to lead to the development of diabetes) and less K-casein (the reason why producing camel milk cheese is difficult). This milk is more similar to human milk.

So the benefits are numerous:

  • Boosting the immune system
  • Preventing diabetes and cardiovascular diseases
  • Preventing autoimmune disorders and allergies
  • Reducing anemia

Studies also suggest camel milk can help in the treatment of autism.

Apart from camel milk health claims, it is also very important to pay attention to the condition in which the animals live. As you may know, massive milk production goes with very bad conditions for the animals and that’s something we can’t support by buying unethical products. So I really wanted to know if camel milk and the derived products were sustainable.

When I traveled to Dubai this summer, I contacted Camelicious, the first camel milk producer, and asked if I could visit their farm and factory. They answered very quickly and we arranged for a morning tour, just the day before I went back to France. A wonderful and unforgettable experience that I am delighted to share with you in this video.

If you want to know more about the company and their products, click on the link and visit their website: Camelicious

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